Voyages through

Earth and Space  



These activities are designed to take you on a journey to explore our magnificent planet Earth and the amazing cosmos we reside within.  On your quest to unlock the secrets of the universe, you will need only an inquisitive mind and a willingness to rise to the challenges that will arise along the way! 


This Earth-Space Science on the Net hotlist is a starting point for anyone studying Earth & Space Science. Explore the major topics we will be studying this year:

  1. - Geology, GIS & GPS Technologies

  2. - Atmosphere, Water & Weather Systems

  3. - History of Earth and Earth’s Forces

  4. - Conservation

  5. - Astronomy & Cosmology

Multimedia Scrapbooks

Students, make your own personal collections of Earth-Space Science images, text, videos, music, etc.!                     

         Make a Digital Scrapbook on Map Projections

         Make a Digital Scrapbook on Weather