Maize High

On the morning of Sunday, November 30, 2014,

Dr. Dean A. Strand was found dead by Principal Chris Botts in one of the Chemistry rooms of Maize High School.  The cause of death is unknown at this time. 

The databases to the right contain the confidential details related to this crime scene.

Dr. Dean A. Strand recently made a trip to the Center for Respiratory Research at the University College of London, where Mr. Stan Bergkamp, a fellow science teacher at Maize High, is working on his doctoral degree in stem cell research. 

Dr. Strand was receiving experimental stem cell therapy for lung cancer there.  Upon his return, Dr. Strand was working on Maize High School’s hydroponics and raised gardens with Mr. Jay Super researching the effectiveness of various insecticides. The last contact that anybody had with Dr. Dean A. Strand was Saturday, November 29, 2014 when he shared a piece of cake baked by Mrs. Susan Fox in the teacher workroom with his longtime girlfriend, Ms. Kathleen Thomas.



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